Welcome to our Virtual Tours. We started these tours to bring the outdoors do others during the Covid-19 pandemic. We know that not everyone can get outside, and connecting with the outdoors is so ingrained in us as humans. These tours range from story-telling, to adventure, to relaxation, to connection. Every day is different.

We realize that not everyone can get outside and one of our core values with Uplift Adventures is to build an outdoor COMMUNITY. This means that we want the outdoors to be accessible to everyone. These options can be limitless and might take some creativity. We currently support groups who focus on outdoor inclusivity, like Adaptable Outdoors based here in southwest Alberta. We hope that through these videos we can also bring the outdoors to others virtually. If you like these videos, please consider sharing the videos with others and donating to our friends at Adaptable Outdoors so that we can continue to bring the outdoors to everyone.


Today’s video heads up Turtle Mountain and we are sharing tips with you on how to hike in the spring time. Enjoy.

Do you need a little nature time? Especially in the mountains? The fresh air, the spring run off, and listening to the birds chirp. Join us on a relaxing adventure in the Canadian Rockies.

We have a special treat for you! Discover Crowsnest Pass Day 17 was taken over! Our dear friend from Troi Crombie Photography took over our video! On this adventure, she is giving ‘3 Tips on How to Take Better Pictures of Your Kids’. Let us know if you want to see more from Troi by putting a comment below.

Explore the area that once brought champagne and parties to a famous hotel: the Frank Sanatorium. The Crowsnest River provides exceptional views as we explore today.

Join us on a trip up Saddle Mountain. This is like experiencing the outdoors in real life, some days the weather isn’t so great!

Today we go over 5 things that make Crowsnest Pass special. If you like this video, please share. If you want to add to the list, put a comment below.

We are bringing the outdoors to you. Today we venture down the community trail. The birds are out and spring is here.

Another day, another adventure. Today it’s a winter wonderland and it’s the beginning of April!

This adventure will take you on a door to adventure challenge and it is pure honesty.

Deer are fascinating creatures! Learn why.

A little less interpretation and a lot more exploring. Join us as we discover some old mining artifacts.

Stroll along the trail to one of our favourite waterfalls.

We want to say thank you to the Uplift Community. We have 4 business pillars with our business.

Join us on a scavenger hunt. Take your kids or do it yourself. There is no age limit.

Explore with us as we hike and snowshoe up the Greenhill. A fun little hill just outside of Blairmore.

Well that Stinks… but in a good way. Discover the sulphur spring that brought tourists near and far to Crowsnest Pass.

Today we are skinning you the local ski hill. We talk a little bit about what ‘skinning’ means and touch a tad bit on Blairmore. Decided to do less education today and focus on F-U-N.

Join us on some online guided adventures. Today we discover some of the early settlers to the area, like Michael Phillips. Our goal is to connect you to an area through storytelling. Come along.

Join us online for a snippet of a guided adventure.


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    • Carol Claunch,

      What about grizzlies? Are they an issue especially in the spring?

      • Uplift_Admin,

        Hi Carol! This is a great topic for an entire video. Yes, there are things to know about bears, both black and grizzlies in the Canadian Rockies. It is smart to learn about bear awareness, learn how to react to bears and their behaviour, and also how to use bear spray (as a last resort). I have personally been charged by bears and other wildlife, but I have yet to actually use my bear spray on them. They need to get close enough to use it and it has always been a bluff charge. Thank you for the great idea on another video topic.

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