This summer (June to September), join us on a scheduled guided hike in the Castle Provincial Park and around Crowsnest Pass. A minimum of 4 people must be signed up for us to adventure into the wilderness. If you want something a little bit more off-the-beaten-path, don't hesitate to ask. We love taking people to other areas, but we don't list these on our website.

When you hire a local guide, you are getting local knowledge and supporting a local economy. We are very grateful that you picked Uplift Adventures.


Full Day Scheduled Hikes

Distance: 9.0km
Elevation: 700m
Ability Level: Challenging
Hiking Time: 5 – 7 hrs
Driving Time to Trail Head: 35 min
Meeting Time: 8am
Meeting Location: Stone's Throw Cafe

Description: The road to the Window Mountain Lake trailhead is an adventure in itself. If you do not have a 4x4 vehicle, ask to book our shuttle. We will take you up the headwall, which is a short and steep section that leads you to the stunning Window Mountain Lake. We will then start to ascend Mount Ward. At the top, we will get some of the best views in Crowsnest Pass and see the window in the mountain with Crowsnest Mountain in the background. Expect some loose rock on the way up as this is an easy scramble.
Distance: 6.2km
Elevation: 780m
Ability Level: Challenging
Hiking Time: 4 – 6 hrs
Driving Time to Trail Head: 5 min
Meeting Time: 8am
Meeting Location: Stone's Throw Cafe

Description: Does driving through the Frank Slide pique your senses? It is even more thrilling when you can look down on the slide itself. As one of our all-time favourite hikes in the Rockies, we take you up Turtle Mountain to the north peak. Our guides are experts when it comes to the area, the diversity, and love to share stories with you about the Frank Slide. Do you want to go further and hike across the massive cracks in the mountain? Ask us and we can extend the trip!
Distance: 14.5km
Elevation: 460m
Ability Level: Moderate - Challenging
Hiking Time: 7 – 8 hrs
Driving Time to Trail Head: 15 min
Meeting Time: 8am
Meeting Location: Stone's Throw Cafe

Description: Visit the site of the plane that crashed in 1946 and killed 7 people. Visiting the Plane Crash brings a number of emotions as you witness the plane in several pieces, then you look at the towering mountains around you to discover stunning rock faces and a flowing waterfall. Tragedy meets natures beauty. As you hike into the site, there are a few steep hills, but it is the distance that is tough as it makes for a long day. If you are a very strong hiker, ask us about taking you up the mountain for an exceptional experience. This requires a few extra hours, so let us know ahead of time if you want to attempt something uniquely special.
Distance: 9.2km
Elevation: 650m
Ability Level: Challenging
Hiking Time: 5 – 6 hrs
Driving Time to Trail Head: 5 min
Meeting Time: 9am
Meeting Location: Castle Mountain Resort

Description: Start this adventure by getting your feet wet! Literally. We will cross the West Castle River and then head up and up. It is well worth it though. Visit the three alpine lakes while taking in the views of Crowsnest Mountain to the north. Listen to the golden trout jump in the lakes as you peer up at the rocky Barnaby Ridge. Are you a strong hiker and want to take this adventure to the next level? Ask us how and we will guide you there.
Distance: 8.6km
Elevation: 685m
Ability Level: Challenging
Hiking Time: 5 – 6 hrs
Driving Time to Trail Head: 10 min
Meeting Time: 9am
Meeting Location: Beaver Mines General Store

Description: Hike the mountain where the prairies meet the Rockies. There is nothing easy about this hike as you start heading up almost immediately. Only 20 minutes in and you start getting views looking across Castle Provincial Park and become mesmerized as you look at the sheep trails across the mountain. This is a hiker’s favourite as you hike this mountain with stunning red rock and cliffs hanging off the summit that fuel your view with beautiful back drops.

*Early or late season hikes can potentially change due to trail conditions.

Looking for something different or perhaps more challenging? Ask us to do a private adventure and the options are endless.


Need Some More Information?

The full day hikes vary in difficulty; however, you will always want to bring:
* Warm clothing for the weather as the weather changes quickly in the mountains
* A waterproof layer, such as a rain coat
* A backpack
* Sunglasses
* Sunscreen
* Hat
* 2L of water
* Hiking shoes
* Your camera!
* You are welcome to bring your own snacks, but it is not required
* Gear [ You can rent gear from us when you book ]
* Transportation to the trail head
We want to share this adventure with you; however, we understand that ‘life’ happens sometimes.There is a 48 hour cancellation policy, which allows you to change/cancel or refund your booking up to 48 hours outside your booked adventure (up to 7 days for group bookings). Please call us at least 48 hours prior to your adventure to cancel or reschedule and we will fully refund, no questions asked.Late-comers or no-shows will not be rescheduled or refunded.For group bookings (6 people or more), we require a cancellation of 7 days or more.
"Oh Cann-a-bis". While it is legal in Canada, we want to make sure all of our guests enjoy their experience with Uplift Adventures. Also for liability reasons, we are going to ask our guests to not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the adventure.
We don't always have the answers on our website. Don't hesitate to contact us with your questions.
Phone: 403.583.5884



Locally sourced lunch

On-trail snacks & beverages


We are an accredited company and play by the rules.

Professional Guides

Our guides are certified through the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. This is the highest standard for backcountry guides in North America and is recognized around the world!

Emergency Gear

Your guide is trained for emergencies and has their 80hr Wilderness First Aid. We will carry and supply the emergency equipment including radios, satellite devices, first aid kit and more.


Crowsnest Pass, AB

South Canadian Rockies

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