Uplift Adventures wants to be your go-to outdoor center in the South Canadian Rockies. We are expanding our offerings as we find the right people to join our team to provide you with a high-quality learning experience.

Summer Courses

  1. Intro to Backpacking | We joke that everyone needs some time in nature and we call this the wood life. Our accredited guides will take you through how to make your overnight backpacking trips enjoyable and safe.
  2. Navigation Courses | We offer navigation courses to teach you how to map read and use a map and compass. This course is all hands out, so pack your bag and get ready to go.

Winter Courses

  1. Learn to Snowshoe | This is a beginner course for people who want to experience the Canadian outdoors. Even if you have snowshoed before, you may enjoy this as a way to get yourself outside this winter.
  2. Winter Survival | Learn how to build shelters and use winter survival techniques.